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The Great Social Media Shift (to CTV)

Updated: May 15

Shifting Budgets

Strategic allocation of marketing budgets has become increasingly crucial. Ongoing technical issues at Meta have caused disruptions and inflated advertising costs, making it a suitable time for brands to explore alternative advertising channels. Connected TV (CTV) is a compelling choice for brands seeking to diversify their advertising strategies and potentially enhance both reach and ROI.

Meta has faced several technical setbacks recently, which have had significant financial implications for advertisers. Glitches in Meta's Ad Manager led to a spike in ad prices. Furthermore, Meta has acknowledged issues related to campaign overspending, which added to advertisers' frustrations. The ongoing technical difficulties suggest that these are not isolated incidents but a more significant trend that could drive advertisers to reassess their investment in Meta's platforms.

Given these challenges, shifting focus toward CTV advertising offers several advantages that are particularly appealing to brands:

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

CTV platforms provide advanced targeting options that surpass the demographic generalities typically available on traditional TV. Advertisers can use data-driven insights to reach specific audiences based on behaviors, interests, and more nuanced demographic data. This capability allows for creating deeply personalized advertising experiences that are more likely to engage target audiences effectively.

 Improved Engagement Metrics

Engagement levels with CTV are notably high. Many CTV ads are non-skippable, which, combined with the immersive nature of television viewing, results in better ad recall and effectiveness. Higher engagement can lead to higher conversion rates compared to traditional online ads, where viewers often suffer from ad fatigue.

Transparency and Control

Greater transparency and control over ad placements and performance metrics characterize CTV advertising. This visibility allows advertisers to understand better where their ads appear and how they perform, enabling more strategic and controlled ad spending.

Safe Environment

CTV is associated with premium content that enhances brand safety. Advertisers can be assured of the context in which their ads appear, avoiding the risks tied to user-generated content prevalent on social media platforms.


With Meta's ad costs fluctuating due to technical issues, CTV offers a more stable and predictable pricing model. This predictability is crucial for mid-market companies, where budget constraints are often tighter, for effective budget management and avoiding unexpected financial strains.

For CMOs and senior marketing executives at mid-market brands, integrating CTV into their advertising mix helps mitigate the risks associated with over-reliance on platforms like Meta. It opens up new avenues for growth and customer engagement. With its targeted reach and enhanced engagement capabilities, embracing CTV could be a strategic move toward achieving a more dynamic and effective marketing strategy in today's competitive environment.

Wrapping Up

All brands, especially mid-market ones, can leverage emerging technologies to forge stronger connections with their audiences by broadening their advertising strategies to include CTV. This will ensure sustained growth and relevance in the rapidly changing digital advertising ecosystem.

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