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Simply put, we run Connected TV (CTV) or Over-The-Top (OTT) campaigns designed to achieve actual business goals.  We help you connect with your customers, both incremental and current, in the laid-back living room environment.

The next step is to
extend the journey and reach the same audience via their other internet-connected devices.  All this is done through a laser-focused lens utilizing the best programmatic media technology.

CTV Ecosystem

Problems We Solve
for Brands

We work side by side with your in-house team or your agency partner.  Our goal is to connect you to your customers through CTV advertising.  Not protecting turf.

Achieve Real Business Goals

Challenge:  Off-The-Shelf Platform Optimization Built to Beat Platform Goals

Our Solution:  Implement custom bidding algorithms designed to optimize KPIs such as LTV or Brand Lift in real time

Quickly Increase ROI

Challenge:  Reduce Wasted Impressions

Our Solution:  Implement current customer suppression lists and control reach/frequency across Linear & CTV campaigns to ensure incremental audiences do not see the same ads over and over.

Increase Team Efficiency

Challenge:  Test & Expand Strategy with a Busy Team

Our Solution:  Work as part of in-house team to deliver results and seamlessly communicate

Trusting Partners

Challenge:  Ensuring All Partners Communicate & Collaborate

Our Solution:  We work together with internal stakeholders, agency partners, and measurement/attribution vendors to maximize efficiency and increase ROI

Problems We Solve
for Agencies

We are a true partner sharing your goals…helping your clients succeed.  Elevate your strategy with a Connected TV solution designed to differentiate.

Keeping Clients Engaged

Challenge:  Increase Client Retention

Our Solution:  Increase client happiness by offering next generation advertising solutions custom built for their needs

Agency Growth Without Adding Cost

Challenge:  Quickly Stand Up New Agency Offerings

Our Solution:  Offer turnkey partnership designed to augment existing teams while adding a new-to-the-agency strategy

Juggling Multiple Channels

Challenge:  Ensuring Performance is Consistent Across The Client Engagement

Our Solution:  CTV is important. We help by bringing industry leading experts, laser focused on video, to support.

Being CTV Thought Leaders

Challenge:  Fragmented CTV/OTT Ecosystem Moving Faster Every Day

Our Solution:  This is our specialty, so we’re all over it.  We keep track of platform/partner capabilities and are always pushing to get the best out of them.

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