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Empowering Brands & Agencies to test the Connected TV waters or take strategy to the next level.

What is CTV?


Connected TV, commonly called CTV, refers to television sets or devices directly connected to the internet. These devices could be smart TVs, streaming media players (like Roku or Amazon Fire TV), gaming consoles, and mobile devices that stream content to TV screens. CTV is a bridge between traditional television and the digital realm, allowing viewers to access a wide range of content over the internet.  CTV is considered to be a subsection of the greater OTT (Over-The-Top) landscape.​

Learn more about CTV here.

Benefits of CTV Advertising

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Understand ROI and make decisions based on how campaigns are directly impacting your bottom line.  Gain insights to understand what is impacting success.


As opposed to linear TV advertising (Broad), CTV advertising (Specific) enables you to target your consumer via device or household with a specific message.


Learn how your audience moves from watching an ad on their TV to visiting your website, or how a retargeting message delivered to their mobile device led to conversion.

Where Do Your Ads Show?

Here are some of the premium publishers and channels available for your advertising campaigns. Inventory partners like Netflix, Hulu, Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, and more.

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Top Zip Codes


Use our platform to discover cookieless targeting segments using Zip Codes, census, and demographic data to find top indexing areas.  Then we match top publishers and content for a curated approach.

Channels & Content

Are You Ready to Supercharge The Big Screen?

The Spotlight Operating System enables precision targeting & messaging, next gen optimization, and deep insights.  Prioritizing your data and tying campaign performance to bottom line results.

All backed by decades of programmatic media experience.  SpotlightIQ brings bottom line accountability to high profile media.

Audience Shaping

Utilize your own data first. Website, CRM, Sales…what we call 1PD1 Approach.  Use 3rd Party Data to fill in as needed.

Custom Bidding Algorithms

Don’t automatically use the same optimization levers deployed by your competitors.  Part of the 1PD1 approach, use your own data to power decisioning engines.

Supply Curation

Stop using Open Marketplace or Off The Shelf PMPs.  We believe in curating inventory but at a scale that works and is customized for your brand. Eliminate waste and save $.

Insights Delivery

More than reporting.  We are hungry to help you understand "Why?"  Is your message resonating well with audiences on certain channels or platforms?  How can CTV campaigns help improve your bottom line?

Some of Our
Great Partners

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