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The Spotlight Way

We believe in the future of CTV and the ability to directly connect with consumers.  Combine that with focus, speed, and a fresh POV.

Connecting Dots
Connected TV Expers

Connected TV Experts

Advertising on the big screen should never be a check the box on a media plan situation. Work with a partner laser focused on it.

Build Your Own Network

Build Your Own Network

Outpace your competition
by using custom bidding
algorithms and your own
data to build a proprietary network of publishers.

Always On Channel

Always-On Channel

Turn CTV into an always-on channel and power up the performance engine.

Our SpotlightOS Engine Drives the Future of TV Advertising


Utilize your own data first. Website, CRM, Sales…what we call 1PD1 Approach. Use 3rd Party Data to fill in as needed.

Message Refinement & Creation

Already have assets? We can help make sure the message is on point. Need help telling the story? Use our network of producers.


Stop using Open Marketplace or Off The Shelf PMPs.  We believe in curating inventory but at a scale that works and is customized for your brand. Eliminate waste and save $.

Custom Bidding Algorithms

Don’t automatically use the same optimization engine used by your competitors.  Part of the 1PD1 approach, use your own data to power decisioning engines.


Did you know reaching CTV viewers on their mobile devices with video can increase campaign effectiveness?  


Go beyond simple communication of results. Bring results into your data clean room to show incrementality. We partner with attribution solutions and work with all stakeholders including your existing agency partner.

More than reporting.  We are hungry to help you understand "Why?" Is your message resonating well with audiences on certain channels or platforms? How can CTV campaigns help improve your bottom line?


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