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Simply put, we run Connected TV (CTV) or Over-The-Top (OTT) campaigns designed to achieve actual business goals.  We help you connect with your customers, both incremental and current, in the laid-back living room environment.

The next step is to
extend the journey and reach the same audience via their other internet-connected devices.  All this is done through a laser-focused lens utilizing the best programmatic media technology.

CTV Ecosystem

Problems We Solve
for Agencies

We are a true partner sharing your goals…helping your clients succeed.  Elevate your strategy with a Connected TV solution designed to differentiate.

Keeping Clients Engaged

Challenge:  Increase Client Retention

Our Solution:  Increase client happiness by offering next generation advertising solutions custom built for their needs

Agency Growth Without Adding Cost

Challenge:  Quickly Stand Up New Agency Offerings

Our Solution:  Offer turnkey partnership designed to augment existing teams while adding a new-to-the-agency strategy

Juggling Multiple Channels

Challenge:  Ensuring Performance is Consistent Across The Client Engagement

Our Solution:  CTV is important. We help by bringing industry leading experts, laser focused on video, to support.

Being CTV Thought Leaders

Challenge:  Fragmented CTV/OTT Ecosystem Moving Faster Every Day

Our Solution:  This is our specialty, so we’re all over it.  We keep track of platform/partner capabilities and are always pushing to get the best out of them.

Spotlight SCORE

Introduction &

We created the Spotlight Score to help identify video advertising opportunities and challenges.  Our belief is all brands can benefit from the knowledge our team gained across hundreds of campaign executions.  Decades of experience will be distilled down to specific strategic and tactical recommendations.  Take just five minutes to complete and we will email your Spotlight Score to see how you stack up, no meeting necessary! 


How is your Score determined?  We take your answers and calculate using a proprietary scoring model.  After benchmarking against our dataset, we will provide you with our perspective on where you stand and action items to work on.

SpotlightIQ - Spotlight Score - Viz Only (1).png

Get Started

Reach More Customers Through CTV

Meet with our team to uncover your customized approach to CTV. Discover how SpotlightIQ can drive better results. 

Schedule a meeting today and learn how SpotlightIQ can help you:

  • Reach incremental customers

  • Measure the customer journey from CTV ad view, to website visit, to conversion

  • Utilize First Party Data to achieve true business results

Get Started

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